Worcester Boiler Advice For Freezing Conditions

Important Winter Boiler Advice  From our hands on experience taking care of millions of customers, we have identified that freezing conditions can affect the latest high efficiency ‘condensing’ boilers, regardless of brand. In particular freezing conditions can cause problems when a condensate pipe goes to an outside drain or soakaway. If it freezes it may cause your boiler to stop working. You might hear a gurgling noise and if your Worcester Bosch boiler has a digital display, you might see an ‘EA’ error code. Minimising the risk of frozen condensate:

Guidance states that condensate pipes should ideally be routed to an inside drain, but it is worth noting that sometimes it is not possible or practical to route your condensate pipe internally. If your condensate is routed internally you’re unlikely to encounter any issues caused by freezing conditions.As the plastic condensate pipe is not part of the boiler, it subsequently is not covered under your Worcester Bosch guarantee or boiler maintenance plan. If in the unfortunate event your boiler condensate pipe does freeze, there’s no need to worry, you can usually thaw it safely without the need to call an installer or plumber. How to safely thaw a frozen condensate pipe: Remember to be especially careful carrying hot water if it’s icy outside. And if it’s still very cold, any water you spill on the ground is likely to freeze so be mindful of new icy patches.

Watch our video on how to safely defrost a frozen condensate pipe:

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